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Cutting-Edge Procedures to Treat Hair Loss without the Cutting

As technology improves, so does our ability to improve results. Today, using state-of-the-art robotic technology, we can perform hair restoration techniques that provide permanent, natural solutions to hair loss and baldness.

ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration is a major advance from previous techniques:

  • Old Strip Method: The strip method, aka Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT, is an older procedure for hair restoration and involves removing a strip of the scalp which would leave a large scar and often significant post-operative pain, then removing hairs from the strip and inserting them in thinning areas. Thankfully, technology has moved far beyond this method, however many doctors still do provide this antiquated procedure.
  • ARTAS vs. Neograft: First and foremost, clients should know that not all Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures are the same. Both ARTAS and Neograft are FUE techniques, however, where ARTAS has robotic percision, Neograft depends on manual extractions. The advantage of Neograft over traditional manual FUE is the speed of the procedure, however, proceduralist fatigue and risk of transections are much more commonplace with manual techniques such as Neograft.
  • Advantages of Robotic Restoration: When clients are thinking about hair restoration, they are primarily concerned with two things: a natural look and permanent results. The ARTAS robotic hair restoration technique is the best option for natural hair growth. According to Dr. Rome, this procedure is a game changer.

In addition to being an ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence, and an ARTAS training center for hair restoration doctors, we offer the most advanced additional therapies such as PRP and ACell to help you get the very best results possible. We are also among a select few practices who specialize in robotic beard and robotic eyebrow restoration.

Why struggle with hair loss when you don't have to? Contact our hair restoration center at 310-975-7094 for a free consultation.

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