ARTAS After the Strip

Having a strip does not mean you have to have another

A large portion of our practice is treating guys who have had one, two, or even three strip procedures in the past with robotic hair restoration. Many centers will tell guys they are not candidates for robotic FUE if they've had a strip before since it is off-label, but only part of that is true - the part that it is off label. Being off-label doesn't preclude us from giving men who have had a strip procedure before a better procedure to gain more hair. We understand how to use our robotic system to work around strip scars and have even had success filling in the scars with follicular unit grafts so the hair can once again be worn short! It is important to go to a practice that has a lot of experience performing ARTAS after a strip as you likely have limited donor graft availability left from your previous procedure(s) so it is of upmost importance to be extra careful with harvesting your remaining grafts. We have vast experience with this and encourage you to give us a call today at 310-975-7094 if you are considering robotic restoration with a history of a strip procedure(s).

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