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The ARTAS robotic procedure is FDA cleared for Caucasian males with dark straight hair. While there are many Caucasian males with dark straight hair who could benefit from robotic restoration, there are many more men and women with all types of hair who need restoration and do not want to settle for inferior hair transplant methods. Just because the robot is cleared for this particular subset of the human population, does not preclude us from using it off-label to treat many more individuals. Since the landmark studies were performed on Caucasian males with dark straight hair, all of the evidence submitted to the FDA was for this subgroup, therefore, the clearance was given to treat this same population. However, we at the Robotic Hair Restoration Center have mastered using this amazing technology on men and women of all hair types.

Afrocentric hair (African and Caribbean ancestry) is thick and very curly, and under the skin often bends creating a challenge for hair restoration doctors who are not experienced with harvesting this type of hair. Fortunately, Dr. Rome and his team have many years of expertise with Afrocentric restoration and have learned to adapt techniques of robotic hair restoration to be very successful. No doubt these cases are more of a challenge, but we enjoy a good challenge and we take our time with them, often staging the larger cases (doing them in 2 sittings vs just one). In addition, placement, especially hairline placement, is crucial for individuals with Afrocentric hair since the hair is often worn short and the hairline is maintained straighter than the Caucasian hairline. In addition, temporal (side) recession is often less tolerated than it is in Caucasians, so this must be addressed appropriately. Finally, hypertrophic scarring and keloid formation is more common, so special precautions must be taken - for example, we routinely mix a bit of liquid steroid in our numbing solution to dampen the strong healing response responsible for scarring.

Do not be discouraged if other practices say Robotic Hair Restoration is not an option for you because of your hair type. They just may not have experience using this technology for you. We have treated men and women with every hair type imaginable with our robotic system with great success. Call us today at 310-975-7094 for a complimentary consult with Dr. Rome to learn more!

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