ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration for Transexual Men and Women

Complete your transformation with robotic restoration

Hormone replacement and cosmetic surgery have significant roles in transsexual reassignment procedures, but so does hair restoration. For Male to Female (MTF) patients, the male pattern hairline is often unacceptable. We can create a female pattern hairline by robotically harvesting individual hairs from the back of the head and placing them in the front and sides to round and feminize the facial hair framing. For Female to Male (FTM) patients, facial hair is often desired to complete their transformation. We can provide you with beard and mustache hair you can grow, shave, or trim in any fashion you desire.

Hair patterns have a significant role in sexual identification, and without a transplantation procedure, many feel their transformation is incomplete. Let us have the privilege of helping you complete your transformation by calling us today at 310-975-7094.

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