ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration for Women

We treat women too!

Female pattern hair loss is a big deal and not talked about nearly as much as male pattern hair loss despite how common it truly is. We have treated successfully many women with the robotic system to give them thicker hairlines, and more volume in the mid scalp - both common areas for hair loss in women. A big misconception women have is that they would be required to shave their head for this sort of procedure. That is not the case. We will buzz just a small portion in the back of the head which is easily concealed when the hair is down. Even when the hair is up in a ponytail, the donor buzzed site is not noticeable since there is often long hair below the area we trim as well.

While the ARTAS robotic hair restoration system is FDA cleared for men, we have been using it with great success for women as well. It is off-label of course but that doesn't preclude us from getting great results! Women deserve the best treatments available too and now they can get it from an experienced ARTAS center like ours. The feminine hairline is crucial in hair restoration and we understand how to approach and restore it naturally. Whereas a male hairline goes back then forward on the sides, the female hairline is rounded and softer. It is important that your hair restoration surgeon and team have experience with female hair restoration and have used the ARTAS system on women before. Women also often respond quite well to low level laser therapy. We encourage you to make a complimentary consultation with us to learn more about the ARTAS robotic procedure, as well as laser therapy for women by calling 310-975-7094 today.

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