ARTAS vs. Neograft

The advantages of Robotic over Manual FUE

ARTAS and Neograft are both follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures, however ARTAS is the only Robotic Hair Restoration platform and provides multiple advantages over the manual handheld Neograft procedure.

Clients with the ARTAS robot will benefit from the following advantages over Neograft:

  • Image-guided robotic alignment for precise graft dissection unmatched by manual techniques
  • Intelligent algorithms identify and select only the best hairs for harvesting yielding consistent results and uniformly harvested donor area
  • Graft quality remains consistent throughout the procedure
  • High resolution digital imaging provides unparalleled visual detail of donor area
  • Exceptional control of parameters such as spacing between harvests, dissection depths, and harvest angles to yield robust and healthy grafts
  • Less risk damage to hair grafts with patented blunt dissection technique vs sharp punch with Neograft
  • No continuous vacuum to transport grafts into a storage vial which may cause them to dry out
  • Real time 3D analysis that provides accurate mapping and calculations of critical hair follicle characteristics

Our team at The Robotic Hair Restoration Center relies on the far more advanced technology using the ARTAS hair restoration robot. We are among the select ARTAS providers who are established as a Robotic Center of Clinical Excellence so you can be confident you will get the best quality procedure in the world. In addition we like to combine other procedures such as PRP and ACell with our robotic restoration at no additional cost if you elect for our "Fill-the-Area" model.

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