What questions should I ask when considering Robotic Hair Restoration?

  1. Is the center an ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence?
  2. Is the center highly regarded enough to train other hair restoration doctors on robotic restoration?
  3. Does the center utilize the most recent ARTAS robotic system (currently version 8x)?
  4. Does the center offer robotic recipient site making or do they make all their sites manually?
  5. Does the center perform other procedures like the strip and manual FUE or are they focused on ARTAS?
  6. Is the hair restoration doctor fellowship trained in hair restoration surgery or did they just take courses?
  7. Does the center combine other effective therapies such as PRP and ACell with their robotic procedures?
  8. Does the center have experience using the robotic system off label for use with Afrocentric hair, Asian hair, Indian hair, and with women?
  9. Does the center have experience treating younger patients in their 20s and 30s?
  10. Does the center have experience performing robotic hair restoration after one or more strip procedures?
  11. Does the center perform robotic beard and eyebrow restoration or do they only offer these procedures by manual techniques?
  12. Does the center offer all-inclusive pricing per area or only price per graft?
  13. Does the center offer a travel allowance for out of town patients?
  14. Does the center include with their procedures a great lunch from an amazing Italian restaurant next door?

At the Robotic Hair Restoration Center in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles we are proud to answer all these questions for you. Call is today at 310-975-7094 to make an appointment and learn more about what sets us apart from the rest!

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  • ARTAS Center of Excellence
  • All Inclusive Pricing with PRP/ACell and Robotic Site Making
  • Master Barbers to Assist in Style Planning
  • Home of Robotic Beard and Eyebrow Restoration
  • Complimentary Beer and Nitro Cold Brew on Draft
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