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ARTAS Hair Restoration is the first step - Our other services address long term therapy

Robotic Hair Restoration with the ARTAS system will allow you to gain much more hair, however, there are other procedures/products which will help you maintain the the hair you have (slow down future hair loss), as well as speed up recovery and results after robotic hair restoration.

1. Low Level Laser (LLL). While there are many forms of LLL currently available, most are over the counter and have very few (4-10) laser diodes. We recommend the Capillus 272 Pro system since this prescription strength device has more diodes than any other competing device on the market, and has the clinical and FDA evidence to back its claims. The Capillus 272 Pro is great for men and women to thicken up thinning hair as well as to use right after hair restoration to speed up recovery and results.

2. Propecia (aka finasteride or proscar) is an oral DHT-blocker. While it works well to reverse miniaturization, it is not without side effects. Approximately 1 in 100 will have sexual side effects including ED. In addition it can reduce sperm count, promote gynecomastia (formation of breast tissue), as well as make it difficult to screen for prostate cancer using the PSA blood test. This said it is a very effective treatment, but its adverse effects must be taken seriously. We do prescribe this medicine regularly, but knowing about its pros and cons and alternatives are key in making the right decision for yourself.

3. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy: PRP is isolated from your own blood and processed to isolate platelets and their growth factors. It has found many uses including injection into joints for arthritis, but more recently its use in hair restoration has been well documented. While it cannot replace a procedure, it does help reverse the miniaturization process of thinning hair as well as speed up growth of new hair.

4. ACell is a regenerative medicine therapy used to promote wound healing and speed up recovery. It has recently found use in hair restoration in combination with PRP, to speed up healing of donor area after transplant, as well as promote quicker recovery of transplanted are after hair restoration

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