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Today, Low Level Laser (LLL) Therapy is a proven effective treatment of hair loss. The FDA has not only cleared Capillus 272 for its safety but it is the first FDA cleared method to stop male and female pattern hair loss. It is the gold standard device as it contains 272 laser diodes (as compared to 7-12 diodes in the laser combs), providing critical coherent beams with unparalleled density in a discreet cap. This means patients can receive more stimulation of each hair follicle than what can be provided by hand-held and other wearable lasers, all from the comfort and privacy of their home.

Studies have shown that LLL stops the progression of hair loss in an impressive 97% of patients! In addition, almost 40% of patients showed an increase in hair density within 16 weeks, due to the thickening of the finer, miniaturized hairs. LLL works by improving the micocirculation to the delicate hair follicles, allowing them to produce stronger, thicker hairs.

While the ARTAS procedure will restore lost hair, Capillus will stop further hair loss, so they perfectly complement each other. Dr. Rome recommends the use of Capillus before and after his ARTAS procedures to speed up results, shorten recovery, and reduce the risk of shock loss (temporary loss of hairs after a restoration procedure).

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  • We are an official Capillus Provider and your products will be shipped brand new in box
  • We distribute the Premium Capillus 272 Pro which is only available from select hair restoration practices
  • With the purchase of the 272 Pro we include free follow-up either in our office or by phone/skype every 90 days
  • We guarantee results with the 272 Pro, and after 1 year if you are not satisfied we will buy it back from you for 50%
  • We offer a trade up program from the 82 or 202 to a 272 Pro within 1 year of purchase from us
  • With the purchase of a Capillus 272 Pro we offer $500 off an ARTAS procedure within 1 year
  • There is no sales tax since it is a medical device
  • We offer free shipping within the USA

All Capillus models come with a 3 year factory warranty and are rated to last up to 15 years.

The cost of Propecia for just over 2 years is the same as a Capillus 272 Pro which will last long after 2 years, and you do not have to deal with drug side effects.

payment methods

Capillus 272Pro: $3000 | Pro Edition with 272 Diodes

Capillus 202: $2,000 | Intermediate model with 202 Diodes (NEW)

Capillus 82: $800 | Base model with 82 Diodes

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